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Thanks for the feedback I did receive. Once I finish writing and revising I think I will give a chance. Since you were so helpful...I think a sneak peek later in the fanfic is in order. XD
For this chapter, since this will be in the middle, Kaiya was kidnapped by Organization XIII by Zexion. Roxas turned out to be on her side and hid her away in the tower where the other Organization members couldn't find her. Two weeks went by with no news from Sora and no one finding out she was missing. The Organization has just found out that Kaiya has escaped. Enjoy!

(Quick note: Sorry to the guys who read this, it gets kinda romancy towards the end. XD Just comment anyway please?)
A portal opened on the other side of the room, making Kaiya jump. “They’re coming.” He said, “I don’t know how long we have.”
Kaiya looked at him for a moment, the question plaguing her mind. “Roxas, how come you’re here if Sora’s still around?” she asked suddenly.
Roxas started at the question and looked at Kaiya curiously. Before he could answer however, he was cut off by a portal forming in the room. Saïx appeared through it. “Well, well, well, Roxas. So you were the rat.” he commented.
Roxas glared at him. Saïx held out his hand and twelve more portals appeared, completely surrounding Kaiya and Roxas. “Do you trust me?” Roxas whispered quickly as they were forced back to back.
Kaiya wondered what prompted the question, but didn’t ask. “Yes.” she replied simply.
“Then take my hand.” Roxas said, turning around to her as Kaiya did the same to him. Roxas held out his right hand as the Organization closed in slowly, wondering whether Roxas would redeem himself. Kaiya looked into Roxas’s pleading eyes and grabbed his hand in her left.
In an instant Roxas made a portal below himself and pulled Kaiya into his arms. Kaiya was startled, but held on tight as the Organization members rushed in too late and the darkness carried them away.
“Roxas…why…have you been helping me?” Kaiya asked as she and Roxas sat on the ledge of the Clock Tower in Twilight Town.
“You’re a friend of Sora’s, right?” Roxas asked her, Kaiya nodded, “I guess it’s because I made a promise to myself to help everyone related to Sora I come across.”
Kaiya looked at him, “Roxas…”
“I also made a promise to protect the ones I love…heart, or no heart.” He continued, meeting Kaiya’s gaze and smiling. Kaiya felt herself go pink.
“Roxas…” she said, finally finding her voice. Kaiya looked into his deep blue eyes and quickly turned away. “I’m not like you. I don’t worry about losing my heart since I’m not from here. That’s why the Organization is after me.” Roxas looked curiously at her, already knowing this from their plans, as she continued, “They’ll follow me until I become a Heartless, isn’t that what they want? I can’t let you get involved with that. You’ve already proved you’re a traitor to them.”
Roxas shook his head, “You don’t get it! I made a promise to Sora to protect you. I’m going to keep that promise no matter what.”
“How touching.” Came the drawl of Xaldin’s voice. Roxas and Kaiya whirled around to see him leaning against the corner of the tower. “Shame I have to bring your sweetheart back.” He said with a sarcastic sneer.
Roxas glared at him, “You’re not taking her back.” He said firmly. “On the contrary, I have orders, and I intend to follow them no matter what the cost.” Xaldin replied, stepping forward. “Now step aside, Roxas.”
“No!” Roxas said, spreading his arms in front of Kaiya to protect her.
Xaldin sighed. “I suppose this will be done the hard way then.” He commented, walking towards them casually.
“Stay back, Kaiya!” Roxas warned as Kaiya stepped forward to help. She gave him a worried look, but obeyed. Roxas drew the Oathkeeper and Oblivion and charged at Xaldin. Xaldin smirked, and with a casual flick of his right arm sent Roxas through the air and off the edge of the tower unconscious.
“Roxas!” Kaiya screamed as the Keyblades flew from his hands and crashed into the tower wall. Throwing caution to the wind, she hopped onto the ledge of the tower and leapt off it after Roxas. She caught him in her arms as they flew through the air, feeling gravity suddenly take effect. “You protected me, Roxas.” She whispered, “Now it’s my turn to repay the favor.”
Kaiya suddenly felt the air around them shift and she felt the weight of falling lift. Opening her eyes, Kaiya discovered herself on a white platform just big enough to hold her and Roxas.
“Still alive, I see.” Xaldin said. Kaiya looked up to see him floating on his lances. She glared at him as she set Roxas down on the platform to rest. “You couldn’t kill me if you wanted to.” She growled, “I’d be no use to the Organization dead.”
Xaldin chuckled. “Of course. Now be a good girl and come with me. You’re still useful to the Organization if you’re hurt. Roxas won’t be protecting you anytime soon.”
Kaiya deepened her glare. “No.” she said firmly and darkly, “I won’t go unless I’m unable to fight!” She spread her arms and focused, rising into the air. An unseen wind blew through her clothes and hair, giving her a goddess-like appearance as she floated level with Xaldin. Dark swirls spiraled up her arms and a silver chain whip with pointed ends appeared in her hands.
“So, your weapons extend beyond a simple Keyblade I see.” Xaldin said, raising an eyebrow, “No matter. You’ll still be coming with me!” He shot a lance straight at Kaiya.
Kaiya whirled the whip in front of her and caught the lance’s point in a link of her whip. Wrapping the whip around the point, Kaiya wrestled the lance from Xaldin’s control and slipped it into her right hand. “Still think I’m coming with you?” she asked coldly.
Xaldin smirked, “You’re a feisty one, but your efforts are useless.” He said. “That whip is of no use if you don’t have two hands!” Saying this, Xaldin shot another lance at Kaiya. She expected this and twirled the whip in her left hand, catching the lance once again in the link of her chain. The momentum of the swing caused the whip to twirl around the lance and Kaiya stole the second lance. The whip disappeared in a flash of white light and Kaiya was left to wield the two lances. “If you want my heart so bad, you can take it,” Kaiya said, “over my dead body!”
With that, she flew herself at Xaldin, striking him with both lances before he had a chance to block. She was then blown back by a gust of wind that burst through her body like needles. Wincing and rattling in pain, Kaiya rushed at Xaldin again. He neatly dodged and struck Kaiya with one of his lances. Ignoring the new flow of pain, Kaiya struck Xaldin twice more before she lost sight of him.
Four lances battered down on Kaiya as she scanned for Xaldin. He had surprised attacked her from above. Unable to focus any longer, Kaiya plummeted to the platform below next to Roxas. Panting heavily, Kaiya got on her hands and knees, her breath shuddering as she stared at the floor. The lances disappeared in a swirling tornado to rejoin Xaldin as Kaiya looked up into his face. “Game’s over.” He said simply, raising his arm to deliver the disabling blow.
Kaiya knew she couldn’t block it. She didn’t have the strength to summon the Oathkeeper and Oblivion, or even get up for that matter. She bowed her head, cringing as she waited for the blow to come. Kaiya’s head popped up when she heard the sound of crashing steel. Xaldin’s face showed the same level of shock as she did to see Roxas standing in front of her, blocking his lance with Oathkeeper and Oblivion.
A scene flashed before Kaiya’s eyes where Roxas as Sora, she was Kairi, and Xaldin was Riku’s Ansem form. The scene only lasted for a moment, but it was etched vividly in her mind. “Is he doing for me what Sora did for Kairi?” she wondered.
She didn’t have time to ponder this thought as Roxas hit the lance away from him and ran full-front at Xaldin. Xaldin quickly jumped into the air, Roxas not far behind, determined to get his revenge on him. “Roxas…” Kaiya muttered as she watched them fight. She finally found the strength to get up and summoned her whip once more.
As Kaiya made to jump after Roxas, she was blocked by a pack of Dusks. Kaiya huffed and twirled her whip, dissipating all of them in one swing. As the whip came to a stop, four of Xaldin’s lances surrounded Kaiya. “No!” she shouted as a force field was made between them. She ran to the force field and began beating it, trying to break through, but to no avail. She growled in frustration and banged her fist on the force field as Roxas and Xaldin whirled above her in battle. Roxas suddenly noticed Kaiya, giving a surprised start. This gave Xaldin the opportunity he had been looking for. He struck Roxas while he was distracted, hurtling him down to the platform. “Roxas!” Kaiya exclaimed as he landed next to her, “Roxas, get up!”
Wincing, Roxas sat up, leaning on his left side in pain. Xaldin landed a few feet in front of them. “I’ll enjoy watching you as you realize you could never save her.” He said in an evil grin. All Kaiya could do was watch helplessly as Xaldin delivered the final blow. He kicked Roxas’s motionless body aside and put down the force field. Kaiya fell to her knees as the lances disappeared around her. “Roxas…no…” she muttered in disbelief, not knowing what to say, “You…can’t…be…”
The realization hit her like a freight train and Kaiya got to her feet, making a dash to get to Roxas’s side. Xaldin caught her around the waist with his right arm, dragging her off easily. “Roxas!” Kaiya screamed, suddenly feeling helpless. She received no response.
Her hatred suddenly boiled, releasing her temper. In a yell of rage, Kaiya summoned Roxas’s Oblivion and sliced Xaldin’s arm. With a cry of pain and rage, Xaldin fell to his knees, clutching his shoulder tightly. Kaiya summoned the Oathkeeper in her left hand and walked up to Xaldin. “I won’t be like those movie girls.” She thought, “I don’t need men to protect me. I can deal with him myself.”
“I’m going to make sure you never wield those lances again.” Kaiya stated darkly. Xaldin summoned his lances quickly and sent all of them in quick succession at her. Kaiya quickly swatted each one away as if they were flies. Realizing he had no moves left, Xaldin made a portal before himself and began to step through. He was about halfway when Kaiya rushed at him and grabbed his ankle, flipping him back into the platform, striking him twice with the two Keyblades. The portal closed as Xaldin flew through the air. Before he had a chance to land, Kaiya met him halfway through the air and attacked rapidly from all angles, her figure only a blur to Xaldin as he was struck.
Xaldin finally landed hard on his back, panting heavily. “H-How?” he rasped, starting to fade away, “How could I lose to you?”
“Shall I start listing in your final moments?” Kaiya asked sarcastically.
With a final glare, Xaldin faded way and Kaiya whirled around to find Roxas. She spotted him, still motionless on the edge of the platform. “Roxas!” Kaiya called, rushing to his side and dropping to her knees. She picked him up and held him in her arms, shaking him to try and wake him up. “C’mon, Roxas! Wake up!” Kaiya said, feeling her eyes water. Still receiving no response, Kaiya hugged Roxas, not even bothering to hide her tears anymore.
She suddenly felt a gloved hand wipe her tears away and two arms pull her into a hug. “Please don’t cry.” came Roxas’s whisper in her ear, “I don’t like to see your tears.”
Kaiya pulled away in surprise and looked at Roxas. Seeing he was actually there, she hugged him tighter than ever. “You’re alright!” she said happily, nearly crying tears of joy.
Roxas laughed. “Of course I am!” he said with a smile as Kaiya let him go to breathe, “I couldn’t go dying on you, now could I?” He suddenly looked around. “Where’s Xaldin?” he asked.
“I took care of him.” Kaiya said, picking up the Oathkeeper and Oblivion. “Hope you don’t mind I borrowed them.” She added with a laugh.
“So, you can fight?” Roxas said as he raised an eyebrow.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kaiya retorted, giving Roxas a playful shove.
“Ouch!” he cried, grasping his shoulder as he went down.
“Ah! I’m sorry!” Kaiya said hurriedly, casting a cure spell on Roxas.
“No need to apologize.” Roxas said, smiling at Kaiya’s sheepish expression.
“Well, what do we do now?” Kaiya asked, sitting next to Roxas on the platform.
“Since we’re out of the tower, you can use the Keyblades now, so we can go just about anywhere now.” Roxas mused, looking up to the sky as he said this.
“Hm…I suppose you’re right.” Kaiya said, also staring up at the sky as she lay her left arm over her left knee. “We should probably find Sora and the others soon, they’ll be looking for me soon.”
“Ah…you have a point.” Roxas said, a layer of disappointment showing in his voice. Kaiya then remembered what he had said earlier.
“Roxas…did you…really mean what you said earlier?” Kaiya asked nervously.
Roxas laughed, “Of course I did!” he said, “Why would I lie about something like that?”
“But…love is an emotion…isn’t it?” Kaiya asked, confused.
“Yeah, but it’s strange,” Roxas replied, “It’s almost as if I have a heart when I’m with you.”
Kaiya flushed beet red and quickly turned away from Roxas. “You really think so?” she asked him.
“Yeah. I think so.” Roxas answered, now appearing on Kaiya’s right side, bending down to meet her gaze as he said this. Kaiya felt herself blush an even deeper red. Roxas smiled at her. “You’re cute when you blush.” He commented as Kaiya attempted to bury her face in her hands to hide her blush from Roxas. Realizing she had been caught, Kaiya giggled and looked at Roxas. “So, you noticed.” She said.
Roxas plopped himself down next to Kaiya. “Kind of hard not to.” He said jokingly.
“Thanks.” Kaiya said sarcastically, wrinkling her nose.
Suddenly the platform disappeared and they fell through the air. Kaiya clutched to Roxas’s arm as he made a portal. They landed with a thud back on top of the Clock Tower. Kaiya rested her head on Roxas’s shoulder, breathing a sigh of relief. “That was a little too close for comfort.” She stated breathlessly. When she stopped shaking from adrenaline after a couple minutes, Kaiya released Roxas’s arm. Wondering why he had been so silent, she looked at him and noticed he was bright red.
“You’re kind of cute when you blush.” Kaiya said with a laugh.
Roxas gave a sheepish laugh and was silent again. Kaiya looked up at the sky above the tower, wondering how Sora was fairing. “I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried since Roxas is on our side, but still…” she thought, “I’m sure they’re at least worried…”
She looked over at Roxas, who was still flushed. “And why is he here while Sora is here too?” she asked herself, “I’m going to have to get to the bottom of this somehow.”
She suddenly stood up and looked down at Twilight Town. “I suppose we should go.” Kaiya said, “It’s not going to be long now before the Organization realizes Xaldin failed.”
“Yeah.” Roxas replied simply, getting up to stand next to her.
Kaiya turned to leave and waited for Roxas, but a hand grabbed her wrist. “What is it, Roxas?” she asked. Turning around, she found herself mere inches away from Roxas’s face. Her face automatically turned beet red as she looked into his deep blue eyes. She couldn’t help it…she was mesmerized by their beauty. “What are you-” she was cut off by Roxas brushing his lips with hers.
“So…he really was telling the truth.” Kaiya thought as soon as their lips connected. As her shock eased, Kaiya closed her eyes and kissed Roxas back. After a few seconds, they parted. Roxas flushed a deep pink and Kaiya flushed a bright red.
“Do you believe me now?” Roxas asked her.
“I-I guess so…” Kaiya said, averting her eyes from him as they stepped through a portal and out into the front yard of the mansion in Twilight Town. Roxas discarded his cloak and gloves there and they made their way through the Tram Common.
"Hold on, Roxas." Kaiya said as they passed the shops. Roxas gave her a questioning look as she ran off to a nearby store, returning with two sea salt ice creams. "Here. It's the least I can do for you since you saved me." she said.
"Thanks." Roxas said with a smile, taking one of the ice creams from her.

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