Monday, August 27, 2007

Chapter 2

Here's the next chapter of my fanfic. More next week!
Kaiya awoke to the sounds of voices. “Do you think she’s the one he mentioned?”
“She’s got to be, she has a Keyblade, doesn’t she?”
“Yeah, but where did she come from?”
Kaiya opened her eyes, and nearly shut them again out of brightness. Regaining her senses, Kaiya realized she was lying in sand and staring up at a blue sky. With a groan, she sat up and rubbed her head. The voices immediately stopped.
“Wh-Where am I?” Kaiya asked, her eyes adjusting to the sunlight. She jumped to her feet as soon as she realized who she was standing in front of. “Thi-This can’t be possible!” she exclaimed in surprise, “Sora? Riku? Kairi?”
The three looked astonished at one another. “How did you know that?” Riku asked bewildered.
“Well…you see I came from-” she cut herself off, hearing Donald’s voice ring in her head, “MEDDLING!”
“It’s a long story.” Kaiya said, scratching the back of her head. It was then she noticed she was different. Instead of her long flame red hair that reached to her back, her hair was a mimic of Kairi’s. It was the same flame red, but cut in Kairi’s style with the tips dyed a deep green. She was wearing loose black pants with a green, flower patterned sarong tied around her waist. Her top was a strapless green shirt like Kairi’s pink one, but tied up crisscrossed like a Renaissance dress with a white cord. Beneath that was a sleeveless thick black mesh shirt. Her hands were wrapped in Renaissance style gloves that were tied at the sides in a light lavender color. On her feet were black boots.
“So…can you guys tell me why I’m here?” Kaiya asked sheepishly.
“The king sent us a letter.” Kairi said, snatching the letter from Sora’s hands and handing it to Kaiya. “Take a look.”
Confused, Kaiya took the letter and began to read:
Dear Sora, Riku, and Kairi,
I have just received news that Organization XIII is coming back to power. I have no news on how yet, but you’ll need to stop them. I have a feeling they’re trying to make Kingdom hearts again, so be careful. The worlds are in danger. I’ll be sending Donald and Goofy soon to come and pick you up. I’m afraid I cannot accompany you on this journey, so I am sending another Keyblader to help you out. You’ll know it’s her when she arrives, so I don’t have to describe her to you. Please be safe. We’re all counting on you.

King Mickey

“So…I’m the new Keyblader?” Kaiya asked.
“Guess so.” Sora replied, “Welcome aboard!” He came over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a friendly way.
“Glad to join.” Kaiya said awkwardly.
Before Kaiya could comment anymore, she saw a blue and green blur flash by and Sora was instantly on the ground. Riku and Kairi were laughing as Sora sheepishly said, “Nice to see you too, Donald and Goofy.”
Kaiya couldn’t help but smile. The mage and knight had embraced Sora in a friendly, yet painful, glomp. “The king sent us right away!” Donald said, “He said you would need us again.”
Goofy had gotten up and was looking at Kaiya curiously. “Who are you?” he asked suspiciously.
“Name’s Kaiya.” She replied, giving a small peace sign.
“Hmmm…I’ve never seen you before!” Donald said with suspicion.
“Easy guys. She’s here to help us.” Sora said, cutting in front of them, “Kaiya’s the new Keyblade wielder.”
Donald and Goofy surveyed Kaiya with interest. “It’s true.” She said with a smile, and made the Fairy Harp appear in a flash of greenish-white light in her left hand. Donald and Goofy shrugged, apparently satisfied.
Kaiya sighed and rolled her eyes before walking across the bridge to where the gummi ship had landed. All of them watched her bewildered. “Well…come on!” she shouted back, “Are we going after the Organization or not?”
Sora and Riku smiled at each other and ran over. “I’m driving.” Kaiya said, just as both Riku and Sora opened their mouths to call it. They hung their heads and got in, Kaiya smiling triumphantly over them. Donald and Goofy weren’t far behind as they took off. “Good luck, guys!” Kairi called.
Sora smiled out the window as Kaiya lifted the shi off the ground and into space.
“Luckily the paths we opened to the worlds have held so far.” Donald said, “Let’s first check on Leon and the others.”
Kaiya directed the gummi ship to Hollow Bastion. Things were going smoothly until she nocited something on the horizon. “What’s that?” she asked, squinting to get a better view.”
She heard Sora gasp, “Heartless ships! Thousands of them! And they’re headed straight for us!” Kaiya gritted her teeth. Of all the bad things, this had to be the worst.
“We should have upgraded before we left.” She said, “Hold on. This is gonna get bumpy.”
Kaiya put the gummi ship in full speed and went into the Heartless ship line. There were more than thousands, there were tens of thousands. Heartless and Nobody ships forming an assault on their tiny gummi ship. Kaiya dodged carefully around the ships and enemy fire as she navigated at top speed.
“Are you crazy?!” Riku shouted, “You’ll get us killed! Go up or at least slow down!”
“I can’t do that.” Kaiya said, “This speed is the only thing keeping us from enemy fire one step ahead. Sora, man the guns. We’ll need them.”
Sora nodded and fired away at the ships, making their course somewhat easier. After a couple of minutes, Hollow Bastion, now called Radiant Garden, could be seen. They all breathed a sigh of relief.
“Well…that was interesting.” Kaiya said as she landed the ship.

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