Monday, September 03, 2007

Chapter 3

“Sora!” came the call of Yuffie’s voice.
“Hey! Yuffie! Good to see you!” he called back.
“Boy, am I glad you’re here!” Yuffie said as she caught up to them. “Something’s gone wrong with Tron! The heartless corrupted his files, so now he’s acting like the super computer!”
“What?” they all asked in surprise.
“Come see for yourself!” Yuffie said, running on ahead, “The others are already there!”
They all looked at each other and then followed Yuffie to Ansem’s computer room. Leon was there keying in some things on the computer, but to no avail. This was made obvious when he slammed his fist on the controls. “It’s no use. I don’t know what those Nobodies uploaded, but I can’t reverse it. You’ll have to go and find out what’s going on in there.” He said.
Kaiya shifted nervously. She never liked the idea of being digitized into Space paranoids. It was then Leon looked up and noticed her. “Who’s this?” he asked.
“I’m Kaiya, the new Keyblade wielder.” Kaiya answered, proving it by summoning the Fairy Harp.
Leon looked at her for a moment, and then turned back to the controls. “I’m programming you guys to go in, so step up to the portal.” He explained.
They all stepped forward and waited. In a moment they were hit by a beam of light and transported into Space paranoids.
Kaiya found herself in the pit cell she had so often seen in Kingdom hearts 2. She was now wearing a silver suit and skirt with blue lines decorating them in a microchip style. As she looked in front of her, the computer console was flashing.
“It looks like Leon is sending us something.” Kaiya said, going up to the keyboard and trying to retrieving the message.
“How do you know how to-” Sora began, but Kaiya cut him off.
“Long story.” She continued to type until she had the message. “The Organization seems to have captured Tron and placed him in a separate Pit Cell somewhere in the area. In the meantime, several Heartless mainframes have taken his place. Destroy these and everything should go back to normal. Good luck.”
“Seems we’ve got our work cut out for us.” Riku said, leaning against the pit cell wall.
“No kidding. Let’s go before the Heartless know we’re here.” Kaiya said.
They exited the pit cell and headed for the canyon. Once there, Sora noticed something different about the area. “It just doesn’t seem right.” Sora said, “I can’t place my finger on it.”
Kaiya looked idly into the place where the server had been. It had long since been underground, and now it was serving as a pit cell for Tron. “Uh…Sora…”Kaiya said, “Is THAT why it’s different?” She pointed to Tron and they gave a gasp. Sora made a dash for him, but was thrown back by running into a shield. “Ouch.” He said, rubbing his head and standing up again.
“You’ll have to defeat the Heartless servers before you can free me.” Tron said, “The Heartless server is in the Eos Tower."

That's it for now. It might be awile for the next chapter, so sit back! I'll be busy with school and such, so I'll try and finish the next chapter soon!

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