Monday, September 17, 2007

Chapter 4

“But what about the others?” Riku asked, “Leon said there were more.”
“Don’t worry about them.” Tron said, “I derezzed them before they captured me.”
Kaiya turned back to the others, “I think someone should stay topside just in case the Heartless or the Organization try to stop us from derezzing the Heartless server.” She suggested. “Riku? Why don’t you? You’re the strongest.”
Riku gave a shrug. “Alright. I could use some target practice.” He said with a smirk towards Sora.
They all ran back to the pit cell where Kaiya transported Riku topside. Sora and Kaiya then made their way back to the Canyon and stopped outside the Eos Tower. “Isn’t it odd no Heartless have shown up?” Sora asked as they were about to enter.
“Now that you mention it…it is kinda strange.” Goofy pointed out.
“They’re probably waiting for us inside the tower.” Kaiya said, “All the more reason to go in there after them.” She stepped forward to go inside the tower.
“Kaiya, look out!” Sora yelled, but she didn’t hear him in time. A random Heartless came and knocked Kaiya off her feet. Sora saw her thrown out of view before thousands of Heartless appeared and began to attack. “Kaiya!” he called, fighting through the Heartless, “Kaiya!” He received no response.
It was then that Sora spotted Kaiya. She was hanging over the edge of the platform with only one hand. “Sora!” she yelled. Completely blocked off by Heartless, Sora couldn’t do anything to get to his comrade. Kaiya realized this as well and struggled to get her second hand onto the platform. In a couple minutes she managed that and began to hoist herself up through sheer brute strength. She had hoisted herself up to her waist when she spotted a pair of black boots and the bottom of a long cloak in front of her. Looking up, Kaiya spotted a head of pink hair.
“Hello, Kaiya.” Marluxia said with a smirk.
Kaiya stopped dead in her tracks. Looking to the ground, she grinned. “Come to sprinkle me with rose petals, have you Marluxia?” she asked sarcastically.
Marluxia’s eyes flashed as she said this, “You’ll get up and come with me,” he said, summoning his scythe and placing the blade under Kaiya’s neck, “now.”
Kaiya gulped and hurriedly got to her feet. “There’s a good girl.” Marluxia said coldly. Kaiya glared. He opened a portal and hoisted a kicking and screaming Kaiya over his shoulder. “Kaiya!” Sora shouted as Marluxia began to haul her off. Kaiya realized her struggle wasn’t working and leaned closer to Marluxia’s arm. She opened her mouth wide and bit down firmly.
Marluxia gave a small gasp of pain and dropped Kaiya to the floor. She rolled away and fought her way through the Heartless to Sora’s side. “You alright?” Sora asked.
“Never better.” Kaiya replied with a wide grin.
Marluxia got up, rubbing his right arm gingerly and stepped through the portal with a glare and disappeared. Sora, Kaiya, Donald, and Goofy defeated the rest of the Heartless and sat back in exhaustion. “Why are all the Organization members after me?” Kaiya wondered aloud.
“How do you figure?” Sora asked.
“Well, the whole reason I’m here is because Axel tried to kidnap me. I escaped by going through his portal and ended up finding you, Riku, and Kairi. Now Marluxia just came and tried to kidnap me.” She explained, “I’m so confused.”
“That doesn’t make sense.” Sora commented, “Why would they kidnap you?”
“Search me.” Kaiya answered, “Maybe the same reason for while you were in Castle Oblivion, to become a puppet.”
Sora looked confused for a moment, but Kaiya cut him off, “C’mon. We have a Heartless server to derezz.” She said.
Sora nodded and followed Kaiya into the entryway. Black cords prickling with red electricity greeted them as they made their way through the entryway and into the download area of the Eos Tower.
They found themselves staring into what looked like the ring the MCP was fought in. Instead of the face, however, the symbol for Heartless dotted the tower. As they entered, the way shut and locked, leaving them trapped inside. The tower in the center began to rotate, making the Heartless symbols a blur as they flew by.
“How are we supposed to shut it down?” Sora asked as some small Heartless appeared.
Kaiya hit one down and watched as little digitized orbs flew from it. “I think we freeze it with enough of the bits.” Kaiya replied. Sora shrugged and got to work. In a matter of minutes they had gathered enough bytes to freeze the central tower. Sora performed the command and immediately the tower froze, dispelling all the Heartless in the room.
The cords shrank in the back to reveal a saving console, which was flashing. “It’s a message from Tron.” Kaiya explained, her fingers flying across the keyboard as she pulled up the message. “He’s trying to give us a download so we can derezz the server, but with this thing blocking it, there’s no way it won’t be tainted. I’ll try and reroute it so we can download it from this console.”
Sora just stared blankly at Kaiya while she worked. “Are ya sure it’s gonna work?” Goofy asked her.
“Of course.” Kaiya said confidently, “My dad’s a computer programmer.”
“Well, this had better work, because that Heartless isn’t going to stay frozen forever!” Donald put in.
“There!” Kaiya exclaimed as the screen went a blank white.
“What did you do?” Sora asked fearfully.
“Don’t worry.” Kaiya said calmly, “In a couple of seconds or so, we’ll know the job is done.”
Sure enough, about five seconds after Kaiya finished her sentence, both of Sora’s and Kaiya’s keyblades digitized and were recalibrated. “It doesn’t look any different.” Sora commented as he turned the Keyblade over in his hands.
“The difference is the attack power.” Kaiya stated with a wicked grin. “With this download from Tron, we can derezz that server simply by hitting it.”
Sora and Kaiya walked up to the edge of the platform and took careful aim. Both Keyblades hit their mark on different Heartless symbols. The center pillar cracked in a digital way and broke off into tiny microchips, leaving the room clean and free of any trace of Heartless.
Making their way back to the canyon, Sora and the others found Tron waiting outside his “cell” for them.
“Thank you, Sora, Kaiya.” He said with a smile, “And of course Donald and Goofy.”

Again, it might be awhile before the next chapter comes...sorry. -.-"

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